Professional Training

Prefa Services offers technical and vocational training to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for people in the concrete industry.



Technical training on standards, calculation and design of prestressed concrete structures. They are intended primarily for engineers and technicians in industrial design offices : 

  • CPT Standards.
  • Floor Calculation: beams, hollow core slabs and floor slabs.
  • Structural calculations, industrial girders, beams for bridges ...



Training for production managers, foremen, centralist, quality managers and laboratory technicians on the production process of precast concrete products: interjoists, blocks, pavers, curbs, prestressed beams, hollow core slabs, pre-slabs, industrial beams ...

These courses include the concrete formulation, quality monitoring and good practices to follow.



Practical training on various tests and checks to be made to the monitoring and quality control, the records information, processing, analysis and exploitation of the results of those tests.

This training is very useful for laboratory technicians and quality managers.