A changing industry

The concrete industry in Morocco wants the next step. Indeed, after long years timid and limited only to flooring products (beams, interjoists and blocks), industrials multiply investments to modernize their production units and focus on other special ans complex elements used in construction.

Through this space, we propose examples of what is being done in the area of advanced concrete technology for the prefabrication.


Reference turnkey plant in Saudi Arabia:

The company Steeco, based in Riyadh, manufactures concrete blocks, paving stones and kerbstones within multiple format and color. This company has solicited for the first time the equipment manufacturer Quadra in 2010. Equipped with a basic mobile machine at this time, Steeco makes a first step by commissioning an automatic production line including an efficient block machine type Q6. Fully satisfied with the production outputs, and convinced in the reliability and the performance of the equipment provided by the French leader in the manufacturing of concrete production equipment, Steeco further develops its influence and makes a new bold decision by entrusting once again Quadra for the planning, the manufacturing and the commissioning of a new large-scale full plant.

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concrete distribution systems

The new concrete distribution systems from Marcantonini S.R.L enable manufacturers to overcome the problems of space and congestion, increase productivity and reduce production costs while combining ergonomics and performance.

The possibilities are endless and all have the same result: Excellence.

50 years of concrete innovation

With a proud look back at our past successful years, we face our future full of enthusiasm with new plans and goals. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our industrial activity we at the Marcantonini company are preparing a book to commememorate the engagement of the many personalities that made it possible for this Umbrian Company to become recognized and known throughout the international market.
Today as a leader in the development and construction of plants for concrete production and distribution, 'Marcantonini' is taking this occasion to browse the pages that relive this exciting entrepreneurial adventure that was started by a youngster who was born poor but through perseverance was able to develop his passion for Science and Technology.