CONCRETE CURING SYSTEMS : all "made in germany"

Prefa Services offers you, through its partner ROTHO, a complete range of solutions for curing racks, concrete curing systems, sound protection, aggregate heating and dust extraction system for concrete block machines.

curing racks

ROTHO Big Chamber.jpg

Hot dip galvanized or stainless steel rack systems with integrated coverage and roller shutter doors. Suitable for vaporization, heating and exploitation of the hydration heat.

Innovative cold forming technology guarantees highest precisison, loading capacity and stability. Clip-type connections and screwed connections allow a quick and safe assembly.

procure : Concrete Curing System 

ProCure meets all requirements in a quick, consistent and high-quality curing
process. The heating and humidification system, according to the latest
state-of-art technology ensures that each product receives the climate it
needs for optimum product quality.
An integrated, highly effective air circulation system, made up of multiple
circulation circuits, covers each product equally with the required amount of
air. Using an intelligent process control system, temperature and humidity
are precisely determined in the curing chamber. During the curing process
these are constantly monitored and controlled for variances. They are then
adapted as required by parameters set out by the control system. In addition
an exhaust system limits the maximum moisture content within the chamber.


  • Machine coverage with connected control- and switch cabinet cabin.
  • For new installations and retrofitting.
  • Door systems, windows and openings can be arranged individually