Prefa Services provides precast manufactures rational and functional solutions with a full range of reliable materials whose performance is recognized internationally.



Quadra's latest generation block machines offer several advantages:


  • Ease of installation and robustness for reduced costs
  • Functional architecture
  • Controlled and precise movements
  • Expertise in vibrating system
  • Express manufacturing change (less than 10 mn)
  • Concrete storage and mould filling
  • Intuitive operating console
  • High Performance (HP) version available (+20% in productivity)

handling system:  smart EQUIPMENTS

Finger Car

  • Rigid and balanced frame
  • Systems which provide smoothness and precision
  • Position detection by laser
  • Sophisticated but simple automatism which ensures the functioning optimisation

Cubing system

  • Robust and versatile holding devices adaptable to all types of products
  • A perfect control of movements and continuous organ control guarantee the rapidity, regularity and precision of working.

Robotic cubing system


New opportunities for handling :

  • Sensitiveness
  • Precision
  • Rapidity
  • Minimum bulk

The cuber clamp is suitable for all types of products and is designed to support heavy loads. The use of servomotors and continuous monitoring of the position of the clamp allow very high rates.

Transport of finished cube


A wide range of finished cube evacuation line :

  • Slat conveyors
  • Walking beams
  • Trolley systems
  • Chain drives conveyors